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Merino 5 & TuTu

Ruffled Mini Bag


Description:  This little bag is ultra-feminine – and will make a great gift for yourself or a special someone.  The construction is simple – with sewing only to fasten the fun ruffled I-cord bag strap.  The bottom is worked with 2 strands for extra firmness. 

Level:  Easy

Size:  Approx. 6" wide by 5” high (not counting strap) 


Gauge:  4.5 sts=1" in St st with Merino 5


Abbreviations:  BO- bind off, CO- cast on, garter st- knit every row; k- knit; K2tog- knit 2 sts together (decrease of 1 st); p- purl; rep- repeat; st(s)- stitch(es); x- times; YO- yarn over



A firm rectangular base for the bag is made first with doubled Merino 5 and garter st.  Then sts are picked up around the base to form the circular bag. A lacey pattern is used between the ruffles and to form the ‘eyelet’ casing for the I-cord bag ties.  The strap is a novel ruffled I-cord, attached at the sides.


With two strands of Merino 5 and the short circ needle, CO 25 sts. Work in garter st for 1½".  Continuing with 2 strands & using the dpn, pick up and knit 8 sts along the left edge, pick up and knit 25 sts along the bottom, and pick up 8 sts along the right edge (66 sts).


Continue knitting with 2 strands for 5 rnds. Switch back to the short circular needle when ready.


Cut 1 strand of Merino 5 and join TuTu – follow instructions for winding and joining TuTu online at here.


K 1 rnd with both Merino 5 and TuTu.

K 4 rnds with Merino 5 only, decreasing in the last rnd as follows: *(K9, k2tog) around.

K1 rnd with both Merino 5 and TuTu.

K4 rnds with Merino 5 only, decreasing in the last rnd as follows: *(K8, K2tog) around.

K1 rnd with both Merino 5 and TuTu.


After 3rd ruffle, work Merino 5 only rnds as simple ‘lace’:

Rnds 1 & 2:  With Merino 5 only, *(K2tog, YO) around; K1 rnd.

Rnds 3 & 4: With Merino 5 only, *(YO, K2tog) around; K1 rnd.

Rnds 5 & 6: as Rnds 1 & 2.

Rnd 7: Work 1 rnd with both Merino 5 and TuTu. 

Repeat these 7 rnds once.


Bag top: After the 5th ruffle, cut TuTu (again referring to the online instructions).

K1rnd, decreasing as *(K7, K2tog).

Work 1 rnd *(K2tog, YO); K1 rnd.

P2 rnds. 


Make eyelet casing: *(K2tog, YO) around; K1, P around

P2 rnds, BO in P.



Bag-tie: With Merino 5 only, make a 3-st I-cord, 25" long.  Tuck in ends with tapestry needle or crochet hook.   Thread the tie through the eyelets, centering on the front of the bag.


To make I-cord: CO 3 sts onto dpn.  K the 3 sts – transfer the needle from your right hand to left, and slide the sts over to the opposite end of the needle.  Keeping the working yarn to the left of the 3 sts, K 3 sts.  Repeat.  This process pulls the working yarn tautly to form a slightly spirally cord. 


Ruffled I-cord strap (~ 12" long)

Start an I-cord with Merino 5 only.  After ~ 1", carefully join TuTu as before and form a ruffled I-cord.  Cut TuTu when the cord is ~11" long, and work 1" more of I-cord. BO.


With tapestry needle, sew strap to knit sts at the center of each of the two sides.




September 2012