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Lightly felted Taos Twined Sock

Above is the heel shown in close-up

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Taos Twined Knit
lightly felted slipper socks

Designed and Knit by Nancy Wild of Warm & Wild Designs
For Crystal Palace Yarns

Taos is the perfect yarn to use for twining. The Swedish spun yarn with a Z-twist traditionally for this method. The Z-Twist means that as you knit the yarn will not untwist and become weak. With the wonderful color combinations in Taos you have the opportunity to have bright and colorful or very subtle slippers depending on the personality of the recipient. After completion of the slippers you will lightly felt them for a thicker longer wearing item.

Twining knitting is a method of knitting using two strands of yarn. These are typically both ends of the same ball of yarn. The process requires you to work alternate stitches with opposite ends of the ball of yarn and always bringing the working yarn from the bottom of the previous stitch and yarn to create a smooth finish and double thickness on the inside of the project. You will have to untwist the yarns every now and then as you knit. You hold the ball and let your knitting hang down and untwist by running your finger in between the two yarns.
An illustrated article on Twined Knitting can be found on Knitty here:

2 - 50 gr balls Taos 100% wool yarn = 1 each of 2 different colors: (MC) & (CC)
Sample shows color #04-'mirage' and #09-'Tucson'
Size 10 .5 Crystal Palace Bamboo or DAISY DP Needles
Tapestry needle for closing toes

Using the twining method the gauge pre-felted is 6.5 Sts per inch and 5 .5 rows per inch.

Using the Knit Cast-on method cast on 60 Sts using MC. Join into round being careful not to twist the stitches.

Round 1: Gently tie the MC tail and tail from the ball of CC together. Work one round of twined knitting with both strands held to the back of work and making sure to always bring the new color from underneath the old color.
Round 2: Bring the CC yarn to the front of work. Continue alternating colors as in the previous round, the CC will be purled and the MC will be knit. You will keep the CC carries on the front of the work to form the design.
Round 3&4: Bring the MC to the front of work and the CC to the back of work and repeat the K and P as in round 2.
Rounds 5-14: With both strands at the back of work K all stitches in the twining method.
Round 15: K 22 Sts then *bring MC to front, K next St with CC, P next St with MC, K next St with CC, Bring both strands to the back of work* and K 27 Sts, repeat between asterisks once the K to end of round.
Round 16: K 21 Sts then *bring MC to front, K next St with CC, P next St with MC, K next St with CC, Bring both strands to the back of work* repeat once and K 25 Sts, repeat between asterisks once the K to end of round.
Round 17: K 20 Sts then *bring MC to front, K next St with CC, P next St with MC, K next St with CC, Bring both strands to the back of work* repeat twice and K 23 Sts, repeat between asterisks once the K to end of round.
Round 18: Same as round 16.
Round 19: Same as round 15.
Round 20-24: K all Sts in the twining method.

Heel Flap:
Row 1: From beginning of round K 23 then turn.(this will center the side diamonds)
Row 2: SL 1, P 29 Sts and rearrange the Sts so that the heels Sts are on two needles and the instep Sts are on the other two needles)
Row 3 and all odd rows: SL1, K all Sts keeping the twining consistent.
Row 4 and all even rows: SL 1, P all Sts remembering to always bring the new yarn under the old.
Repeat rows 3 and 4 until you have a 2-.5 inch heel flap. End after completing a P row.

Heel Turn:
Row 1: SL 1, K 16, K2tog, K1 Turn.
Row 2: SL 1, P 5, P2tog, P1 turn.
Row 3: SL 1, K 6, K2tog, K1 Turn.
Repeat rows 2&3 adding 1 to the center ST count until you have worked all of the heel flap Sts.

Round 1: K half of the Sts onto one needle (#4) and the other half onto another needle (#1) This sets you up for the rest of the sock. Pick up and K one St for each SL St on the side of the heel Flap. K half of the Sts for the instep on one needle (#2) K the other half of the instep Sts onto the other needle (#3). Pickup and K one St for each SL St on the side of the Heel Flap, this is the new start of the round.
Decrease round: K to within the last two Sts of needle one and then K2tog. K across the instep Sts (needles 2&3). On needle #4 SL 1, K 1, Pass slipstitch Over (PSSO). K to end of round.
Alternate a K round and a decrease round until you are back to the original 61 Sts.

K all Sts remembering to keep the twining process throughout.
Work the foot until it is the length you need for the total length of foot.( it will shorten in the felting process).

Round 1: K to within the last two Sts of needle #1 then K2tog. On needle #2 SL 1, K 1, PSSO, then K to with in the last two Sts on needle #3 and K2tog. On needle #4 SL 1, K 1, PSSO then K to end of round.
Round 2: K.

Repeat rounds 1 & 2 until you have 10 Sts per needle and then repeat round 1 until you have a total of 20 Sts left.
Divide these Sts as follows: the Sts from needle #1 go onto needle #4 and the Sts for needle #3 go onto needle #2.
Cut both strands of yarn long enough to Kitchener stitch the toe closed. Weave in ends, Make second slipper.

When you have done both slippers throw them in the washing machine with a load of jeans or towels with warm wash and cold rinse and regular agitation. Let them dry, put them on your feet and make another pair for someone you love.
[Note: You may want to put the slippers on your feet while they are still wet to stretch and fit them to your feet before letting them air dry.]

Special Thanks to Nancy Wild for designing these Taos Twined Knit socks.
We will be featuring several other designs by Nancy soon. 
Visit Nancy's blog at to see more of
her design work and learn about her yarn shop in Adrian, Michigan.

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