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Silk Road Journeys
in Mini-Mochi
Mini Mochi Silk Road Journey Sock
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Designed and Knit by Laura Andersson
CPY "Sock Guru" and Sirius Knitting Publications
For Crystal Palace Yarns

Inspiration: For me, it is so often truly the Crystal Palace yarns & colors that are my inspiration. The colorway I used for the model is called ‘Spice Market', yet for me it was not only reminiscent of all the lovely spices of the East, but also of the silk road.  The amazing colors of silk had emperors, kings and queens all longing for this uniquely shimmered fabric.  The journey from Europe to China was amazing, and included long treks through desert territories… the yarn colors as they move from sandy soft to subdued seem just like the mix of journey and treasure I'd expect.  The simple teeny ruffle on a ribbed sock was to me a mix of femininity with strength - like the modern woman.

Style: top-down on dp needles
Sizes: Woman's Medium (~ US 7.5-8.5)
Gauge: 8.5 sts per inch (34 sts/10 cm) over St st on foot

Yarn: 2-50 g balls of Crystal Palace Yarns Mini-Mochi  #303 Spice Market
Needles: Crystal Palace 6" DPN in 2 sizes: US 2 for leg; US 1.5 for heel & foot or size needed to get gauge; Crystal Palace 16" short circ in US #3 for cast on ruffle.

dec- decrease; k2tog/p2tog- knit/purl 2 stitches together; ndls- needles; pm- place marker; rem- remaining; rep- repeat; sl- slip as if to purl, unless otherwise noted; SL-sts- slipped sts;
ssk- slip 1 stitch as if to knit, slip another stitch as if to purl. Insert left needle through the front loops of the two slipped stitches and knit them together;
sk2p- slip 1, k2tog, pass slipped st over; yo- yarn over

Cast-on & Cuff:

With US #3 short circ ndls, CO 144 st. Join, being careful not to twist. Place marker.
P1 rnd, K1 rnd, *(K2tog) around = 72 sts rem.
Switch to #2 US dpn. K1 rnd, dec 2 sts evenly, 70 sts rem.

Begin pattern: *(K3,P2) around.  Work leg in rib until ~3" from cast on edge

Heel: is worked over 35 sts.
K15; turn, P back across 35 sts. Place rem 35 st on holder for instep.

Heel front: *(SL-1, K1), across; end K1.
Heel back: SL-1, P all sts across
Rep these these 2 rows until the heel is ~2.5" from start, or desired length.

Turning the heel:
Change to the #1.5 US needles for the heel and foot.

Heel turn: SL-1, K18, K2tog, K1, turn. SL-1, P4, p2tog, p1 turn.
Front: SL-1, K across to 1 st before "gap". K2tog, K1, turn.
Back: SL-1, P across to 1 st before "gap", P2tog, P1, turn.
Rep these 2 rows until all heel sts are used up. End ready for front row.

Heel Gusset: K across .5 st & change to new ndl. K across rem sts; pick up & K SL-sts going down side of heel. Change to new needle (#2), K instep sts in pattern. Change to new ndl & K SL-sts going up other side of heel. End by knitting across remaining sts.

Gusset decreases: Alternate dec rounds & plain rounds until st count is 71 sts, arranged as 18 on each of 2 heel needless, and 35 on instep needle.   
Dec round: on ndl 1, K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1; on ndl 2, K across in pattern; on ndl 3, K1, SL-1, K1, psso, & K to end.
Plain round: Knit with no decreases across all 3 ndls.

Foot: Once gusset decs are complete (71 sts remain), work ndls 1 & 3 in St st (k every rnd), while ndl 2 continues the K3, P2 rib.  Continue until sock foot is ~1.75 in from length of longest toe. Now begin toe decreases.

Shape Toe:
Dec rnd: ndl 1 - K to last 3 sts; K2tog, K1; ndl 2 - K1, SL-1, K1, PSSO, K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1;  K1, SL-1, K1, PSSO, and K to end.
Plain rnd: K all sts. Alternate Dec rnd and Plain rnd until ~36 sts remain. Work Dec rnd only until 9 sts remain.

Cut yarn leaving an ~8" end. Work yarn through rem sts and pull tautly to inside. Weave in all ends.

Work Second Sock

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Laura is the editor (and author-designer) of Friendly Socks, Vol.1, Friendly Socks, Vol 2: A-Z; a 3rd set Friendly Socks, Vol. 3, 50 Socks - 50 States, is due Winter 2009-10. Information about these books can be found at or .
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