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above:  207 peapod + 1240 lime;
9578 icestorm + 5638 powder blue;
204 dotty grape + 1015 natural;
200 dotty pink + 1219 fuchsia
A perfect gift for baby or hostess.

above: 415 roses (doubled);
415 roses + 1109 bubblegum;
8166 sienna + 433 cherries & oranges;
2230 melon + 433 cherries & oranges;
7185 Sable + 516 cocoa

Magic Garter Twined Face Cloths in Cotton Chenille
Designed by Laura Andersson for Crystal Palace Yarns

Level: for Advanced Beginner-Intermediate Knitters

Introduction: The soft and lovely Cotton chenille cloths are worked by knitting a fascinating stitch which I’ve named “Magic Garter". This is my adaptation of a 400+ yr-old knitting method called “twining" {twaandsticknung, two-end knitting] which is traditionally worked in-the-round. Twining is well-known historically, with many datable museum examples; it is flexible and warm and fun to do.

The “Magic Garter" * cloths shown here are knit just like ordinary garter, except that you use 2 yarns and twine at every stitch. The “Magic Garter" stitch pattern results in a flexible and stretchy “braided" texture that is really attractive. The method is unique & distinctive, being comprised of stitches crossing over one another to form the apparent “braid", yet the secret is to twine knit for all sts. (See below for detailed instructions)

Abbreviations: CO: cast on; dec: decrease; K: knit; K2tog: knit 2 sts together; P: purl; rem: remain(ing); rep: repeat; st(s): stitch(es); St st: stockinette st, knit every round; rnd: round.

“Magic Garter" Stitch Method:
You will knit every stitch, alternating the two yarns, Color A & Color B, as K1A, K1B.

B A B A B A row 3  
A B A B A B row 2  
B A B A B A row 1

begin here with row 1

The critical move is to “twine" the yarns at each stitch thusly: Knit 1A; drop A. Pick up B from under A and K1B - this means that the B yarn goes across the A yarn as you knit. Drop B, pick up A from under B, and K1A, having the A yarn go across the B yarn.

As you practice this stitch (holding both yarns in the right hand) you will observe that on the front you only see alternating colors. However, on the back, the crossing (twining) of the two yarns results in a “braid".
(Note: If you do not see the braid on the back, you are not doing the stitch properly. Below are close-up photos showing the cloth up close.)

above: colors 7185 Sable + 516 cocoa

above: 415 roses used for both strands









Continue to alternate K1A and K1B across the row, ending with K1B. Turn. On the back, K1A, K1B, across. Again, this is forming the braid on the back side, resulting in the lovely stitch here named “Magic Garter".

Needles: short circ #7 US (4.5 mm) or needles required for gauge.
Gauge: 6 st/in (24 st/10 cm) over “magic garter" st.
Yarn: Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille  in two colors, or 2 balls of same color.
Models shown in photos are various combinations of a solid color + a print color of Cotton Chenille or 2 strands of the same printed color.

Size: Cloths shown are ~7.25 in wide x 7.5 in tall. This can be varied by small inc in stitch count, to 46 sts.

Cast-On: With #7 short bamboo circ and Color A, cast on 42 (46) st. P 1 row.
(Cast on shown is the "knitted cast on", worked loosely.)
Knit 1 row with A. Turn. Place marker to indicate the "front".)
Join color B and begin twining: *(K1A, K1B)* rep across.
Turn, and again knit *(K1A, K1B)* rep across.

Continue to work in pattern until cloth is ~ square, ~7.25 in from cast on.
You can test this by folding one corner up to the knitting needle.
If it folds so that the folded and straight edges touch, the cloth is square.

Cut B; K 1 row A; P1 row A. Loosely bind off in Purl.
Tuck in all ends neatly.

Alternate twined cast on: this cast-on must be worked loosely or you will “snap" the yarn.
Make a loop with both of your yarns, A & B, and place on the needle. Now, alternate using the thumb cast on (E-wrap) casting on one st A, one st B. If you pay careful attention, you can have all of the A sts on the front, and all of the B sts on the back, making a very pretty edge.

Alternate twined bind off: twine as you bind off in purl. Be careful to stay loose so the edge won’t constrict.

*The description and instructions for the novel stitch pattern which I’ve named “Magic Garter’ were first published in Stranded, newsletter by Bonnie Franz (  in the Greece issue 2004, by me, Dr Laura Andersson.
Laura is the editor (and author-designer) of Friendly Socks, Vol.1 & Vol. 2, Friendly Socks, Vol 2: A-Z. A 3rd set Friendly Socks, Vol. 3, Fifty States, is in progress. Information about these books can be found at or . Laura is the owner of Sirius Knitting Publications and can be reached at drlaura -at- (change the -at- to @ to send email).

copyright 2008 Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc. & Dr. Laura Andersson - We are happy to share this pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission. Knitting Shops carrying Crystal Palace Yarns Cotton Chenille are welcome to use this free pattern for their customers.

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