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knit hat  - free pattern

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Monaco Skimmer Hat
Uses 2 balls of Monaco yarn

Designed & Knit by Laura Andersson
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Level: Advanced Beginner-Intermediate

Introduction: The Summer Skimmer Hat is a light fun accessory. It has a slight lettuce ruffle edge, and is designed to be short, above the ears. Hats are such an enjoyable knit… they're fast and are a great way to show off pretty yarns while making a gift (or for yourself) that everyone will love.

Abbreviations: CO: cast on; dec: decrease; K: knit; K2tog: knit 2 sts together; P: purl; rem: remain(ing); rep: repeat; st(s): stitch(es); St st: stockinette st, knit every round; rnd: round; SSK, slip two stitches from left to right needle, one-at-a-time. Insert tip of left needle into these two sts and knit them (Dec of 1); SKP, slip one st from left to rt needle, K next st, pass SL-st over the K st (dec of 1). LT: knit 2 sts together but do not remove from left needle; knit the first st and move both to right needle.

Gauge: 4 sts/inch in Stockinette St.

Crystal Palace Monaco 2-50 g balls of color desired. Color shown is #404, Bodega Bay

Needles: Crystal Palace Bamboo 16" circular needle #8 & #9 or size needed to obtain gauge. #6 dpn for crown of hat. (needles for crown should be at least 1-2 sizes smaller for a neater effect).

Size: adult's med/large ~ 21 in head circumference

Cast-On: With #9 short circular needle and MC, cast on 96 sts. Join, being careful not to twist.
Place marker to indicate beginning of round.

Hat body: K every every round until hat is ~1 in from cast on edge.
Decrease round:
*(K6, K2tog) around [84 sts remain]
Change to #8 circular needle. Work in K2P2 ribbing for ~1 in.

Stitch Motif
Rnd 1: *(LT, P2) around (LT is defined in abbreviations)
Rnd 2: *(K2, P2) around

Work in pattern until the hat is ~5 1/4 in from the cast on edge, or desired length, ending with Rnd 1.
Crown Shaping

(Note - change to dpn as the stitch count decreases)
Dec rnd 1: *(K2, P2tog), around.
Plain rnd 1: *(LT, P1) around; Plain rnd 2: *(K2, P1); Plain rnd 3: (LT, P1)
Dec rnd 2: *(K2tog, P1) around. Work 2 plain rnd2: *(1, P1) around
Switch to #6 dpn
Dec rnd 3: *(K2tog) around. Plain rnd: K around
Dec rnd 4: *(K2tog) around, end K1. Plain rnd: K around
K2tog around until only 6-8 sts remain
Cut yarn, leaving an ~ 8 in end.

With a crochet hook or tapestry needle, draw yarn through each loop on needle and drop off. Pull snugly.
Work all ends in on reverse side so they don't show. A crochet hook does this very rapidly.

Laura is the editor (and author-designer) of 50 Socks- 50 states and More [a ~58-pattern, 23-designer CD released on both PC and MAC], from Sirius Knitting Publications and can be reached at drlauraASirius -at-

© 2011Copyright - Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc & Dr. Laura Andersson. We are happy to share this free knitting pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format or elsewhere on the Web without permission. Knitting shops carrying Crystal Palace Monaco are welcome to print and share this pattern with customers of our yarns.