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Above & below the scarf is wrapped 4X

Below the scarf is wrapped 2X.

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Crystal Palace Yarns
free knit infinity scarf pattern

Kid Merino Infinity Scarf:
to seam or not to seam

Designed by Laura Andersson for Crystal Palace Yarns
Level: Advanced Beginner-Intermediate

Introduction: One of the “tricks" of knitting scarves is that it's faster to knit 50 rows of a 324 st scarf than it is to knit 324 rows of a 50 st scarf. [Or is this just my preference?] So I gathered a tonal collection of lovely Kid Merino colors based around one favorite ‘Cocoa Blues'. Don't forget to include a mix of colors, both lighter and darker!

Abbreviations: CO: cast on; dec: decrease; K: knit; K2tog: knit 2 sts together; P: purl; rem: remain(ing); rep: repeat; st(s): stitch(es); St st: stockinette st, knit every round; rnd: round.

Needles: #11 US 35" circular Crystal Palace Bamboo needle or size needed to obtain gauge.
Gauge: with 2 strands Kid Merino held together,
~2.75-3 sts/in (11 sts/10 cm) on US #11 over St st
See another colorway (feldspar)_of this Infinity Scarf here.

Crystal Palace Kid Merino, 1-50 g ball of each color desired (a minimum of 5 colors is suggested), all tonally based around one color.
The model shown here is based around the print ‘Cocoa Blues', so we also needed two of the colors in the print (blue and fudge brownie print), contrasts (natural & taupe mix print) and two coordinating but non-matching colors (pale green and sand). The use of several prints adds additional depth of tone and color.
MC = 2001, cocoa blues; CC1 = 0204, natural; CC2 = 2014, fudge brownie; CC3 = 4681 misty blue;
CC4 = 4102 sand; CC5 = 4670 fog green (or new 6008 mint cream); CC 6 = 9805 taupe mix

Size: scarf shown is 10 in wide by 50 in long (folded in half) - this means it will easily loop and drape prettily around your neck 3 times or more!
Designer's notes:
1. The scarf is worked using 2 strands of Kid Merino - 2 strands of same color or 1 strand two different colors. Shifting colors 1 strand at a time provides a lovely soft tonal progression.
2. Stitch pattern used is ‘Variety Rib':
K1 rnd, P1 rnd, K2P2 1 rnd, P2K2 1 rnd, K4P4 1 rnd, & P4K4 1 rnd.
Change the st used every rnd randomly to provide textural and tonal variation. Remember that colors appear different in tone when viewed as P vs. K, so utilize this property to your advantage.

3. The exact color progression used for model is listed here; note that the MC, Cocoa Blues, was used the most in the scarf and thus very little left of full ball. Other yarns had sufficient leftovers to make another scarf, or hat ...
A hint: if you add a color and don't care for how it looks, don't rip it out! Just make it a single row, and later you will discover your ‘non-favorite' color has added a nice line of contrast.

Cast-On: With #11 circular needle, and CC1, cast on 324 sts. P 1 row. Place marker to indicate “front".

Color Pattern:

a) Cast On row & P row with CC1
b) 2 rnds - 1 strand CC1 and 1 strand CC2
c) 2 rnds - 2 strands CC2
d) 2 rnds - 1 strand CC2 and 1 strand CC3
e) 2 rnds - 2 strands CC3
f) 2 rnds - 1 strand CC3 & 1 strand MC
g) 2 rnds MC
h) 2 rnds - 1 strand MC & 1 strand CC4
i) 2 rnds - 2 strands CC4
j) 2 rnds - 1 strand CC4 & 1 strand CC5
k) 2 rnds - 2 strands CC5
l) 2 rnds - 2 strands CC5 & 1 strand MC
m) 2 rnds - 2 strands MC
n) 2 rnds - 1 strand MC & 1 strand CC1
o) 2 rnds - 2 strands CC1
p) 2 rnds - 1 strand CC1 & 1 strand CC6
q) 2 rnds - 1 strand CC6 & 1 strand CC5
r) 1 rnd - 1 strand CC5 & 1 strand MC
s) 1 rnd - 1 strand MC & 1 strand CC2
t) 1 rnd - 1 strand CC2 & 1 strand CC3
u) 1 rnd - 1 strand CC3 & 1 strand CC5
v) 1 rnd - 1 strand CC3 & 1 strand MC
w) BO in P, loosely- 2 strands MC

A loose bind off is important to keep the edge from curling. Use larger needle to help keep bind off loose.

Finishing: work all ends in on reverse side so they don't' show. A crochet hook does this very rapidly.

If joining the scarf, carefully pin the two ends together. Sew with mattress st, using a large eyed tapestry needle and one strand of the KM that you feel is the most “invisible" choice.

Laura Andersson is the editor (and author-designer) of 50 Socks- 50 States and More [a CD/book released (12/09)] by Sirius Knitting Publications and can be reached at drlauraATsiriusknittingDOTcom (change the AT to @ & DOT to . to send email).

copyright 2010 Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc. & Dr. Laura Andersson - We are happy to share this free knitting pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format nor online in forums or blogs without permission.
Knitting shops carrying CP Yarns Kid Merino are welcome to print and share this pattern with customers of our yarns. Please do not use CPY patterns to teach classes or workshops using non-CPY yarns.

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