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knit cowl - free pattern - 2 ball version

Above version in #813 "tropical ginger"
below: in #803 "violets"



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Chunky Mochi Fan Stitch Cowl 2
Uses 2 balls of Chunky Mochi yarn

This neck cozy is perfect to put over a jacket or coat to keep your neck warm, the yarn is so soft and comfy you'll love the feel against your skin.

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- 50 gm balls Chunky Mochi in #813 "tropical ginger"
(lowest photo is another version in #803  "violets"
Crystal Palace Bamboo 16" circular needles - s
ize 13 Needles
3 large stitch markers or loop of smooth contrasting color yarn.

K-knit; K2tog-knit 2 together; P-purl; PM-place market; yo-yarn over

Fan Stitch: (multiple of 18 sts) is worked in 3 repeats with 5 sts between each fan stitch section.

Cast on 69 sts using cable cast on.
Join into round being careful not to twist the round when joining.
Rnd 1: PM, K23, PM, K23, PM, K23.
Rnd 2: Slip marker: [K5, *[K2tog]3 times, [k1, yo] 6 times, [k2tog] 3 times*], rep between [brackets] slipping markers two more times to complete one rnd.
Rnd 3: Purl 1 round slipping markers
Rnd 4 & 5: Knit these 2 rounds, slipping markers

Work 7 more repeats (8 total) of the Fan Stitch (Rnds 2-5)
End with a final rows of K.
(Depending on your knitting gauge you may have enough yarn left to K extra rows of K to make cowl a little taller.)

Bind off LOOSELY (use a size 15 needle if you have one, otherwise think LOOSE as you bind off).

Designed & Knit by Susan Druding

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