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Crystal Palace Yarns - knit hat  - free pattern

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Lettuce Cabled Hat in Chunky Mochi

Designed by Laura Andersson for Crystal Palace Yarns

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Level: Advanced Beginner-Intermediate

Introduction: I wanted a hat with a complex and interesting design and a great overall look, but not a design that would make me feel bonkers knitting it. This is a LOT of fun to knit, and would be great in any colors you like.

Abbreviations: CO: cast on; dec: decrease; K: knit; K2tog: knit 2 sts together; P: purl; rem: remain(ing); rep: repeat; st(s): stitch(es); St st: stockinette st, knit every round; rnd: round; PM, place marker. Other abbreviations used are defined in the chart and text below.


Needles: 16" circ #10.5 US (6.5 mm) or needles required for gauge and DPN set #10 US.

Gauge: 3.25 st/.in (13 st/10 cm) over cabled pattern.

2 balls Crystal Palace
Chunky Mochi

Size: Woman's S-M, ~18.5 in head circumference; (M-L, ~21-22 in head circumference)

Cast-On: With #10.5 short circ, cast on 60 (75) st, using the knitted cast on.
Join, being careful not to twist, and place marker. P 1 row.
(Cast on shown here is the knitted cast on, worked loosely.)
Knit 1 round. Turn. Place marker to indicate the "front".
Set up round: K 12, P3, PM; repeat around.
Follow Chart below, working rnds 1-8.
Repeat these 8 rounds a total of 4 times.
Note that the chart is written out in words for your convenience below.

Begin construction of hat crown, starting with 60 (75) sts

Dec rnd 1:
    Size S-M
= (K2tog) x6, P3; K12, P3, (K2tog) x6, P3; K12, P3, end (K2tog) x6, P3.
    Size M-L = [(K2tog) x 6, P3; K12, P3] around
Plain round: K or P as presented.
Dec rnd 2:
   Size S-M
= K6, P3; (K2tog) x6, P3; K6, P3; (K2tog) x 6, P3; K6, P3.
   Size M-L = [K6, P3; (K2tog) x 6, P3] around
Plain round: K or P as presented
Work 3 rnds in pattern as below.

Pattern rnd 1: *[YO, K2, (Sl-1, K1, Psso), K2, P3], around
Pattern rnd 2: *[K1, YO, K2, (Sl-1, K1, Psso) K1, P3] around.
Pattern rnd 3: *[K2, YO, K2 (Sl-1,K1, Psso) P3] around

Switch to #10 dpns (the smaller size makes the crown look neater without affecting fit)
Dec rnd 3: *[(K2tog) x 3, P3] around
Plain round.
Dec rnd 5: *[(K2tog) x 2, P2) around.
Plain round.
Dec rnd 6: *(K2tog, P2) around
Dec rnd 7: *(K2tog) around
Cut yarn, leaving an ~8 in end. Using a crochet hook, pull end through each st, one at a time, and drop off needle.
Pull snugly and bring end to inside. Finish starting end, bringing to inside.

2011 Copyright  Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc & Dr. Laura Andersson. This pattern is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission. Please do not post it on the Web nor on blogs or mailing lists. Knitting shops carrying Crystal Palace Chunky Mochi are welcome to print and share this pattern with customers of our yarns.


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