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Crystal Palace Yarnstriangle garter stitch shawl in 7 Crystal Palace Yarns - easy to knit
free knit shawl pattern


Triangle - Garter Stitch w/ Splash Collar Shawl
Easy & Fast to Knit with a collection of 8 CPY Yarns:
Cotton Chenille, Squiggle, Fizz, Mikado Ribbon, Splash, Choo-Choo, Shimmer, Deco-Ribbon

Materials (for teal-seafoam color shown), 8 different yarns:
6 skeins Cotton Chenille (3 each: A:8117-neptune & B:9008-Persian turquoise)
1-50 gr. ball of Squiggle (9291-seven seas mix)
1 -50 gr. ball of Fizz (7223-seafoam mix)
2 - 50 gr. balls of Mikado, one each: (A:7298-deep sea mix, B:1801-indigo)
2 - Deco-Ribbon ( A:7236-seafoam & B:122-teal stripe)
1 - 50 gr. ball Shimmer (1742-teal)
1 - 50 gr. ball Choo-Choo (1611-teal green)
1 - 100 gr. ball Splash (7188-seven seas)

[See a photo of all 8 the yarns used here and other suggested colorway ideas]

Crystal Palace Bamboo 35" Circulars: Size 15 needles
A large crochet hook (J, K or L) for looping fringe

Entire Shawl is worked in garter st (knit all rows) with doubled yarn, one end of Cotton Chenille and one end of another yarn. Cotton Chenille is used throughout the entire shawl. One of the other yarns is held with Cotton Chenille and changed randomly.

Shown is the Teal-Seafoam Colorway (see here for 4 other colorways: Royal Magenta, Newsprint (black-white), Woodsy Sage and Shell Beach-Neutral)

Before beginning to knit, cut yarn for fringes.
I used a Video box (VCR size-7.5" high) and wrapped the yarns around the box lengthwise counting turns. I then cut through the yarns at one end of the box. This makes fringe cuts that are approx. 17 inches long. If you wish a shorter fringe, use a smaller book or box.
Cut the following fringes:
20 each color of Deco-Ribbon (total 40)
20 Splash
40 each Cotton Chenille (total 80)
50 Fizz
40 Shimmer
20 each color Mikado (total 40)
(note: no Choo-Choo or Squiggle used in fringe)


Cast on 3 sts with Cotton Chenille (CC) color A and Deco-Ribbon (DR) color A.
Put the ball of Splash aside, it will be used at the very end of the shawl knitting for the collar edge.
Working with pair of Cotton Chenille + a 2nd yarn in random stripes, inc one stitch at the beginning of every row until shawl has 140 sts width. Work all in K (garter stitch).

Color Bands: Work 4-6 rows of one pair of yarns (for example CC-A + DR-A, then change to another yarn (for example DD-B) to combine with CC color A. Work another 3-6 rows. Change to Cotton Chenille color B + keep DD-B for 3-6 rows. Then change DD-B to Fizz and CC-B and work 3-6 rows. Continue randomly changing the pairs of yarns, always working with Cotton Chenille A or B, plus another yarn and continue to increase one stitch at beginning of every row until you reach 140 sts on needle..

When you have 140 sts on the circular needle change to a pairing of Splash and Cotton Chenille and knit 4-6 rows (until you are almost out of yarn) Bind off LOOSELY. If you have more Splash left - knit more rows. [Note: for an even more interesting collar edge - include Squiggle along with Splash and Cotton Chenille in the final rows.]

Using the crochet hook, double and loop the fringe working with yarns you cut at the beginning randomly doubled. Start at the point of the shawl and work up both sides. I found that putting on the first fringes about 4 inches apart all around and then filling in between helped me to keep the fringes evenly spaced and randomly mixed.

Your shawl is finished.

Copyright 2003 Susan Druding and Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc. - We are happy to share this  pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission. Knitting shops carrying CP Yarns are welcome to print and share this pattern with customers of our yarns.

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