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Moonshine Neck Wrap


2 - 50 gr balls Moonshine #504 "night sky"
Crystal Palace 26" Circular Bamboo Needles US#9

Gauge: 4.5 sts/inch across St st, gauge is not crucial


Cast on 333 sts
Work 14 rows in K3, P3 ribbing (work back and forth, do not join into round)
Dec row: change the K3, P3 ribbing into K2, P2 rib by decreasing 1 st in each group of 3 sts. Work k2tog for K sts, P2tog for P sts. [222 sts]
Work 14 rows in K2, p2
Dec row: change the K2, P2 into K1, P1 rib by decreasing 1 st in each group of 2 sts.
Work 14 rows of K1, P1 ribbing.
Work 10 or more rows of St st (K RS, P WS).
If you have more yarn remaining, work more rows of St st.
Bind off loosely.
The St st section will roll at the edge as shown in the photos.

Designed & Knit by Susan Druding


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