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70% acrylic - 30% nylon
80 yds/50 gram ball

A Free Easy Knit Scarf Pattern
from less than 2 balls of Deco-Ribbon
Plus small knotted pieces
Knit in a long vertical ribbing on big needles (size 13)

This pattern came about due to the first samples of Deco-Ribbon being a large skein of white and small samples of the 47 other colors.  6-7 colors were knotted with white to make this easy scarf. It would also be fun in just 2 colors (black and white?). Or get together with 2-3 friends and swap colors.

Deco-Ribbon Knotty Confetti Scarf

1-2 balls of Deco-Ribbon Color A, main color
& partial balls of 2 or more Accent colors, the more the better.
(Get together with 4 friends who want to make this scarf and each share 1/4 of a ball or 4 or more different colors.)

Cut background color A into lengths of 24-36". No need to measure. Wrap ribbon around upper arm with a bent elbow and wind yarn around and around - cut the circle of yarn in half. Then cut some shorter and longer than these lengths for variety.

Accent Colors:
Cut Accent colors into short lengths: 4-6 inches in length. Make a pile of the short cut pieces. Use just one color or as many as you have.

Now knot each end of the short Accent Color pieces to the long lengths of color A. As you tie them, roll the “new yarn" into a soft ball of yarn which you will use for knitting the scarf.

When you have tied up about a third of the Main Color A, begin knitting. This will give you a chance to see how you like the look and how much more yarn you will want to “tie up" with knotting.

The scarf in the photo was knit this way:

With size 13 needles, loosely cast on 18 sts.
All odd rows: k3, p3, k3, p3, k3, end k3
All even rows: k3, k3, p3, k3, p3, end k3

This makes scarf vertical ribbing with garter stitch border along each side. The scarf will be approximately 6 inches wide and continue knitting to make the scarf as long as desired. We used 1.5 balls of Main Color A for our scarf with lots of knotted pieces and it is 48" long.

Put scarf into bowl or pan of warm water with a little liquid detergent -
squeeze to thoroughly wet scarf. Rinse. Gently squeeze out excess water.
Roll up in bath towels and walk on towels to squeeze moisture out.
Lay scarf flat and block to desired width/length.
You can force the scarf to be longer and narrow or wider and shorter.
Let dry overnight.


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