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Free Knitting Pattern

A tank top any little girl will love!
Close up of the shoulder

Thank you, Jade for modeling your tank top!

This Girl's Party Ribbon Top
 pattern is available as a PDF
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Child's Party Tank Top
Designed and Knit by Dawn Leeseman for Crystal Palace Yarns

2 (3) (3) (4) 50 gr. balls Crystal Palace Party Nylon Ribbon:
Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles or Daisy Needles:
26" or 29" Circular Size 10, Size F
Crystal Palace Bamboo Crochet Hook
2 Stitch Holders, Spray Bottle, Pins for Blocking

Size: 2 (4) (6) (8)

Garment Measurements:
22 (24) (26) (27.5)"

Beg-beginning; BO-bind off; CO-cast on, Dec-decrease; K-knit; K2tog-knit 2 stitches together; p-purl; SC-single crochet; Rem-remaining; Rep-repeat; Rnd-round; RS-right side; St(s)-stitch (es); WS- wrong side; YO-yarn over

4 sts = 1 inch and 5 rows= 1 inch; in stockinette st
Be sure to make a gauge swatch, block and measure on flat surface.

CO 88 (96) (104) (110) sts. Join and knit every round for
6.5 (8) (8.5) (9)" from beginning. (The bottom edge will roll up, but will lay flat when trim is applied and blocked). Picot trim will add approximately 1" to length.

Divide for Front and Back:
Place 44 (48) (52) (55) sts on holder for front.
Piece is now worked back in forth from this point.

Armhole shaping:
BO 2 (3) (4) (4) sts at beg next 2 rows. Knit 1 row. Purl 1 row. Beg to dec 1 st each end every RS row 3 times. 34 (36) (38) (41) sts. Work even until armhole measures 4.5 (5) (5.5) (6)", end after working WS row.

Shape Shoulders and Neck:
BO 3 sts at beg next 2 rows. 28 (30) (32) (35) sts
Knit across 6 (6) (7) (8) sts. Place these sts on holder for right shoulder. BO center 16 (18) (18) (19) sts, k6 (6) (7) (8).

Left Back Shoulder:
BO 3 (3) (3) (4) sts, p3 (3) (4) (4) sts. Knit 1 row. BO 3 (3) (4) (4) sts.

Right Back Shoulder:
WS facing, place sts from holder onto needle. Join yarn at neck edge. Purl across row.
BO 3 (3) (3) (4) sts, k3 (3) (4) (4). Purl 1 row. BO rem 3 (3) (4) (4) sts.

Put sts from holder for front onto needles and work same as for back, through armhole shaping until piece measures 8.5 (10) (11) (11.5)".

Shape Neck: K 12 (12) (13) (14) sts; BO 10 (12) (12) (13) center sts; K 12 (12) (13) (14) sts.
Working both sides at once, dec 1 st at each neck edge every other row 3 times. Work even until armhole measures 4.5 (5) (5.5) (6)"; end after working WS row.
Work shoulder shaping to correspond with back.

Sew shoulder seams

Neckline Trim:
Using crochet hook, join yarn at left shoulder seam.
Rnd 1: Mark beg of round and work 51 (54) (57) (60) single crochet evenly around entire neckline. Join with slip stitch to beg of rnd. Chain 1
Rnd 2: Single crochet

Work Picot Round as follows:
Picot Round:
(multiple of 3)
*Chain 4; slip st in bottom of the chain 4, (1st picot made), 3 sc in next 3 sc, rep from * to beg of rnd. Join with slip st and fasten off.

Armhole Trim:
Using Crochet hook, join yarn at under arm. Work 33 (36) (39) (42) sc around armhole. Rep for other armhole. Work same as for neckline.

Bottom Trim:
Using crochet hook, join yarn at bottom (in line with center of under arm).
Rnd 1: Mark beg of rnd, work 66 (72) (78) (81) sts. Join with sl st to beg of rnd. Chain 1;
Rnd 2: Single Crochet. Chain 1
Rnd 3: Single Crochet.
Work Picot rnd as for neckline. Fasten off. Work in all ends.

Block by pinning out and spraying with water. Lay a towel over bottom edge; neck and shoulder trim if necessary to flatten edges and picots.

copyright 2005 Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc. - We are happy to share this  pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission. Knitting Shops carrying Crystal Palace Yarns PARTY are welcome to use this free pattern for their customers.

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