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Below is the Granite colorway



Back View of Shawl
Note the Nubbles fringe
See bottom photo for close view.

Iceland doubled forms
the soft edge
at the top of the shawl.

Nubbles makes great fringe!

Crystal Palace Yarns free shawl knitting pattern

Knit Shawl with
Nubbles & Iceland Wool

4-100 gr. balls Crystal Palace
Iceland (2 each color A & B)
6-50 gr. balls Crystal Palace Nubbles (3 each color C & D)

This Shawl available as a KIT in 7 different colorways in July.
See all the color combinations here.

Top Shawl at right, "Fall Herbs"
Iceland A: #4892 "brandy" 
Iceland B: #6320 "leaf"
Nubbles C: #406 "sandstorm"
Nubbles D: #403 "fall herbs"

Shawl 2nd photo "Granite" colors are:
Iceland A:
#1015 "ivory" 
Iceland B: #6885 "oat"
Nubbles C: #204 "lambswool"
Nubbles D: #412 "granite"

Gauge: 6.5 sts/4 inches on size 17s.
Finished Size when laid flat: Approx. 6 ft tip to tip, 2 ft 6 inches deep at back of triangle. The Shawl lengthens in the back while wearing.

If you tend to knit tightly, you may need to use 19s for this shawl. Be sure to check your gauge, you will find that across the doubled Iceland the gauge is 7 sts/4 inches while in some areas of the shawl it may be 6 sts/4 inches, this is OK. But gauges smaller than 7 sts/4 inches will make a smaller, denser knit shawl.

This shawl is a fun one to knit while watching TV or visiting with friends since there is no pattern to learn and it grows quickly on size 17s. We are offering this Shawl as a Kit - in a variety of color ways, check back for other colors to be offered.

Nubbles is CPY's new highly textured, 90% wool yarn that lends itself to many combinations. Iceland is especially nice to pair with Nubbles and the finished garment or project is very soft. See a Nubbles + Iceland vest pattern here.

Notes before you begin this Shawl:
This is a very easy project, every row is knit except 2 rows at the very end (top) of the shawl. Just knit every row and do not think about whether you are doing St st or Garter St.

Set aside yarn for the Nubbles fringe: cut 12" pieces - a total of 70 (35 of each color). I used a VCR tape box the narrow way to wrap and then cut, it happens to be 12", but anything in the 11" - 13" range to wrap around will work well.

Working from different end of Circular Needles: This shawl calls for using a sequence of the 4 yarns in rotation, one row each and a few rows of Iceland doubled. Sometimes the yarn you need next will be at the "other end" of the circular needle. Just go to the other end of the circular needle and knit from that end.

Increasing: You will be increasing 1 st each end of every row for most of this shawl. I like to do my inc's 1 st in from the edge to leave a smoother edge. But do your inc's the way you prefer.

Don't want a triangle shawl shape?: If you would rather have a long stole instead of a shawl, this combination of yarns would be fine for this. You can put the fringes at both ends, but wind off only 25 of each (total 50) for Nubbles fringe. To make a long, rectangular stole - Cast on 120 sts, work the first 4 rows at beg and end with doubled Iceland and for the main body of the stole follow the sequence of the 4 yarns, but do no inc's at all.

Shawl Instructions
[All rows Knit unless otherwise stated]

Yarn Sequence:
Knit the 4 yarns in rotation throughout shawl except for inserts of doubled Iceland as described below.
Iceland A
Nubbles C
Iceland B
Nubbles D
repeat sequence

Cast on 3 sts on 36" circular 17s with Iceland A & B held tog.
K 2 rows.
Beg 2nd row and all following rows until there are 124 sts on needle, inc 1 st each end of every row.
Begin following the Yarn Sequence.
When you have approx 40 sts on needle - insert two K rows of Iceland A + B held tog. Then return to Yarn Sequence.
Cont. in Yarn Sequence until you have completed 15 more rows (approx 70 sts) and repeat the 2 rows of doubled Iceland. Cont in this manner, inserting doubled Iceland every 10 rows until you have a total of 124 sts on needle.
Stop increasing at edges and work straight continuing Yarn Sequence until you run out of Nubbles.
Knit 1 row of Iceland A+B held tog
Purl 1 row of Iceland A+B held tog
Knit 1 row of Iceland A+B held tog
[if you find you have more Iceland rem than needed for binding off, you can add an extra row of K here]
Bind off loosely.

Lay shawl flat and knot the fringe evenly around the edges.

Designed by Susan Druding

 For a page with fewer photos for printing click here.

Copyright 2005 Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc. and Susan Druding - We are happy to share this  pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission. Knitting shops carrying CPY Yarns Nubbles & Iceland are welcome to print and share this pattern with customers of our yarns.

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