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  Free Scarf, Shawl & Cowl Patterns 

N  = New, added in last 60 days
C  = Crochet Pattern
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Above Wings Shawl in Panda Silk

Panda Silk Wings Shawl    N

Allegro Bands of Lace Cowl    N

Allegro Aran Pyramid Lace Cowl     N

Allegro Aran Pyramid Lace Scarf     N

Allegro Lace Seaside Shawl     N

Allegro Spider Lace Scarf     N

Panda Silk Cafe Paris Shawl    N

Allegro Lace Cabled Cowl   N

Panda Pearl Eyelet Cowl   N

Danube DK Passing Colors Scarf   N

Mini Mochi Electric Sunrise Scarf   N

Allegro Aran Ripple Rows scarf    N

Ladders of Lavender in Allegro Lace   N

Mini Mochi  L Train Scarf     N

Inca Cloud Cowl-Capelet    N

Inca Clouds & Fog Scarf   N

Allegro DK Honeycomb Stitch Cowl    N

Panda Pearl Inner Truth Cowl  N

Panda Pearl Side Step Cowl  N
(less than one skein project)

Panda Cotton Stria Dyed Shawlette   N

Panda Silk Lace Star Stitch Shawlette   N

Panda Pearl Leaf Shawl

Panda Pearl Inner Truth Cowl

Party Fishnet Scarf   C

Panda Pearl Spider Lattice Scarf  C
(one skein project)

Panda Pearl Market Shawl

Gold Rush Chain Necklace  C

Panda Pearl Spider Lattice Stole C

Panda Pearl Wailea Shawl

Stained Glass Mochi Plus Scarf   C

Panda Pearl Wave Stitch Scarf or Cowl

Cotton Twirl Spider Lattice Stole C

Nocturne DK Fan Shawl 

Panda Silk Fan Shawl

Panda Silk Wailea Shawl

Panda Silk Spider Lace Scarf C

Panda Pearly Rib Scarf 

Mini Mochi Mitered Eyelet Shawl

Panda Silk Sweet Alyssum Shawlette 

Danube DK Mitered Shawl

Danube Aran Ruffled Shawl

Danube Aran Bandana Cowl

Danube Big Cable Scarf

Danube Diamond Cowl 

Mochi Plus Coiled Crocheted Cowl  C

Danube Aran + Merino 5 Estonian Infinity Cowl/Scarf

Block Weave Scarf in Danube DK

Fan Shawl in Nocturne DK

Waffle Cowl in Nocturne DK

Treasure Cowl - Gold Rush & Merino 5

Mini Mochi Crocheted Diagonal Blocks C

Eyelet Aran Scarf in Nocturne Aran

Chunky Mochi Comfort Zone Big Scarf  C  

Danube DK - Drop Stitch Cowl 

Peacock Cowl - Gold Rush

Drop Stitch Sausalito Cowl  

Shell Cowl crocheted in Danube DK C

Mochi Plus Shell Cowl   C

Quick Crocheted Chunky Mochi Cowl

Fan Stitch Gold Rush Cowl

Chunky Quick Cowl  C

Cuddles DK - Chevron Scarf

Cotton Twirl - Chevron Scarf

Eyelet Vine Cowl in Panda Cotton (horizontal)

Eyelet Vine Cowl in Sausalito (vertical)

Mochi Plus Mitered Stole/Shawl   

Drop Stitch Cowl in Sausalito

Cotton Twirl Cowl with TuTu Ruffle Trim 

Mendocino Shaped Shawl 

Easy Aria Poncho  

Long Cowl - Aria + Mini Solid 

Mochi Plus Long, textured scarf    

Mini Mochi Eyelet Ease Scarf

Mendocino Skinny Scarf  
(one ball scarf)

Mochi Plus Crocheted Flower Scarf

Cuddles Inner Truth  

Mock Plaid Mochi Plus-Plus Solid  

Woven Cable Scarf - Merino 5 

Cotton Chenille Mistake Rib

Aria + Cotton Twirl Lengthwise  

Aria + Kid Merino Diagonal  

Aria Wrap & Drop Stitch Scarf

Mini Mochi Easy Lace Scarf

Chunky Mochi Woven Cable

Panda Silk Chevron Lace   

Mendocino Broken Rib   

Moonshine Neck Wrap

Moonshine Cable Panel Scarf 

Sausalito Cable Lace Cowl

Feather-Fan Mochi Plus Scarf

Cotton Twirl Ruffled Shawl

Funky Mochi Scarf
1 ball each Chunky Mochi & Mini Mochi

TuTu + Cotton Twirl Ruffle Scarf

TuTu Boa
(retail cost less than $15 - 2 hanks used)

Chunky Mochi Lace Shawl

Mochi Plus Ruffled Shawl

Mochi Plus Scalloped Soft Coral

Crocheted Sausalito Shell Shawl  C

Curly Sausalito Scarf
(one ball)

Mochi Plus Open Stitch Scarf  

Chunky Mochi Fan Stitch Cowl 2
(2 balls)

Mini Mochi Topsy Turvy Cowl 
(1 ball)

Panda Silk DK Sidestepping Cowl
(1 ball)

Chunky Mochi Fan Stitch Neck Cozy
(1 ball)

Mini Mochi Drop Stitch Scarf 

 Chunky Mochi Triangle Shawlette
 (mini shawl)

 Chunky Mochi Eyelet Twig Stitch Scarf
uses 2 balls on 13s

 Ruffled Scarf in Mini Mochi

Chunky Mochi Broken Rib Scarf

 Chunky Mochi Fan Scarf
uses just 2 balls on size 13

 Just Enough Ruffles Scarf
Indy pattern for sale offsite

 Diagonal Crochet Scarf - Mini Mochi  C
(uses 2 - 50 gr balls)

Jasmine Lace Scarf - Mini Mochi

 Rippled Stole - Mochi Plus  

 Diagonal Scarf - Mochi Plus  

 Infinity Scarf - Kid Merino
(5 balls approx. $30 retail)

Cotton Twirl Faggot Stitch

 Mochi Plus 10 Stitch Zig Zag
free off site on Ravelry)

Mochi Plus Shell Lace Stole 

 Easy Mochi Plus Scarf
(2 balls - retail cost under $17)

Crocheted Granny Shawl
in Mini Mochi

 Mini Mochi Shawlette

 Panda Silk DK Fan Shawl  

Panda Cotton Scarf - 1 ball

Clapochet crocheted Shawl 
(Mini Mochi)

Tripled Rib Mini Mochi  

 Mother of Pearl Scarf 
knit with Panda Silk DK

Inner Truth Cable Scarf
knit with Panda Silk DK

 Rainbow Wing Shawl 
(uses 7 balls to make the rainbow effect)

Mini Mochi People Collar  
(uses one ball of Mini Mochi - under $9 retail)

 Mini Mochi Rainbow Scarf
(uses one ball of Mini Mochi - under $9 retail)

Kid Merino Ruffled Scarflet Neck Wrap
[2 balls of yarn used - approx. $12 retail cost]

 Smoke Ring Lace Cowl 
[off site pattern for sale by HeartStrings]

 Wave Stitch Panda Silk DK Scarf
2 balls of Panda Silk DK - approx. retail $17

Ruffled Triangle Shawl 
10 balls of Merino 5

 Kid Merino Lace Peggy Shawl 
(pattern for sale off this site)

Kid Merino Banded Colors 
5 balls Kid Merino

Sweet Alyssum Lace Shawl
2 balls of Kid Merino,
retail approx. $12-14

 Weekender Stole  
Panda Superwash or Panda Silk

Ribbed Panda Silk Scarf

Easy Eyelet Scarf - Panda Silk 
(a one ball scarf)

 Silken Ease Lace  
in Panda Silk
approx. cost $26 retail

Ripple Lacy Stitch Merino 5 
easy 4 row pattern - 4 balls - approx. $25 retail

 Kid Merino MIST Lace Scarf
Good "learning" lace scarf - 1 ball - retail under $6!

Checkered Double Knit Cotton Chenille
double thickness, double soft

 Shetland Lace with Kid Merino
2 x 25 gr balls

Cat's Paw Lace Scarf
One ball of Kid Merino - approx cost $6

Kid Merino Booklet Scarf 
 a unique look in a crocheted scarf - like pages of a book
(under $20 scarf retail)

Cotton Chenille Ribbed Scarf 
2 balls, easy to knit, use a printed color for a great look

Crocheted Spiral Corkscrew Scarf 
with 2 balls Cotton Chenille
(note this free pattern is not on this site)

Crocheted Cotton Chenille Scarf
2 balls of Cotton Chenille

Cotton Twirl Faggot St. Scarf
2 balls of Cotton Twirl

Corkscrew Scarf
Crochet in Blippity + Party
sc 108 C

Red Hat Society Ladies Scarf sc 107
knit with Splash & Fling - one ball of each
(knit for under $20)

 Popcorn + Party Ribbon  sc 106
A bias knit - 8 feet long fun scarf - uses 1 ball of each
(knit this for approx. $13)

Popcorn + Deco-Ribbon sc 105
1 ball of each
(knit this scarf for approx. $13)

BeBop + Party "Fur Look" Corkscrew  sc 102
(approx. cost $18)

Victorian Christmas Colors Scarf sc 101
in BeBop + Party (approx. $12)

Fizz-Stardust Corkscrew Scarf   sc 100
Twisty-Curly and fun to knit. (approx. $16)

Quilt Medallion Scarf - Kid Merino
free from Interweave Crochet magazine as PDF
(9 balls = approx. $50)

Party + Kid Merino  sc 097
quick drop stitch pattern on 17s

Party + Squiggle Scarf   sc 095
Knit quickly on 15s lengthwise (under $16)

 Party Scarf in 2 colors  sc 094
Soft with high sheen (under $12)

 Kid Merino + Little Flowers  sc 093
A very soft scarf - knit lengthwise (under $18)

Kid Merino Lace Scarf  sc 092
good for beginner lace knitting - (under $15)

Little Flowers - Kid Merino Scarf
Violets - featherlight - (under $15)

Shawl - Fizz + Kid Merino
soft and airy knit on 17s (under $20)

Cowl in Little Flowers + Kid Merino
a very soft, easy cowl (under $18 project)

Kid Merino Madeira Lace
Yarn held doubled - only 2 balls (under $15  scarf)

DragonFly Doubled  
knit super fast on size 35 needles! (under $20 scarf)

 Knit Necktie - Party ribbon 
Women can wear this, too. (under $9 necktie)

Party + Little Flowers  
Knit on 17s, fast and yet dressy fun (under $20 scarf)

Party + Deco-Stardust   
2 ribbons make one dressy scarf (under $20 scarf)

Party Scarf  
knit with new PARTY ribbon - a jewelry-like look (under $9 scarf)

 Little Flowers + Fizz
A dressy scarf - a look of flowers in the grass

Very Easy Poof Scarf
One ball of Poof on size 17s

Poof + Squiggle + Fling
Very Red, Very Long, Very Fast on 19s

Fling + Fizz Scarf
Quick, easy and long on size 17s w/ a touch of metallic fiber glitz

Squiggle + Fizz Bias Knit
a vivid color combination - an under $25 scarf

Splash + Deco-Ribbon Scarf and Hat  
2-needle hat & lengthwise knit scarf, all from 2 balls of yarn!

Double Squiggle  
2 colors, one end each - on 15s - an under $20 scarf

Two Hour, 8 ft long Splash + Squiggle
fun and fast to knit on size 17s - under $25 scarf

Squiggle + Fizz Pointed Scarf
one skein of each - an under $20 scarf

Waikiki Bias Knit Scarf
knit with a double strand

Mikado Ribbon + Splash eyelash
a dressy accessory type scarf

Splash + Fizz Scarf  
in easy garter stitch, uses 1 ball each yarn

Splash + Deco-Ribbon Scarf Knit Lengthwise
(shown in 3 colorways) - under $20 scarf

Betsy's Doubled Fizz Scarf
combine two colors of Fizz in one scarf

Deco-Ribbon + Fizz Scarf

Fizz + Cotton Chenille Scarf

Deco-Ribbon Knotty Scarf
(made with lots of tied pieces)

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