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152 mikado ribbon wave stitch pattern
Crystal Palace Yarns
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Mikado Ribbon
Wave Stitch Pullover


 SIZES: Directions are for small, 36/38" finished
measurements. Changes for medium (42/44) are in parentheses.

MATERIALS: Crystal Palace Mikado Ribbon, 9 (11) balls.
Crystal Palace Bamboo Knitting needles size 5 and 8, or size to give correct gauge. Be sure to do a swatch both to learn the stitch and to check your gauge.
See a Mikado Sample Card here.

GAUGE: 17 sts equal 4" in Wave Stitch on larger needles.

1—K1,P1 ribbing.
2—Garter st: K every row.
3—Wave Stitch (28 row pattern):
Row 1 & 17: K1 * (K1, YO) repeat inside parentheses 10 times, K10 * (repeat between *'s) K1.
Row 2, 10, 18, 24: P1 * P10,(drop the YO,P1,YO) 10 times* P1.
Row 3,11,19 & 25: K, dropping the YO's.
Row 12-16: Knit
Row 4-8, 20-22, 26-28: K.
Row 9 & 23:K1 * K10, (K1,YO) 10 times *K1.
  Repeat 28 rows for Wave Stitch.

INSTRUCTIONS: This sweater is knitted in one piece, beginning at the lower front edge. With smaller needles, cast on 90(100) sts and work for 3" in ribbing. Purl the next row decreasing 8 sts evenly across, 82(92) sts. Change to larger needles and Wave Stitch. When work measures 13", cast on 25 sts at the outer edges for sleeves, 132(142) sts. Work new sts into pattern. For sleeve borders, work 6 sts at each outer edge in garter st. When work measures 22-1/2" from the beginning, bind off the center 48 sts for the neck line.
Next row, cast on 48 sts to replace bound off stitches for back neckline. Continue knitting the back same as the front, except in reverse, beginning at the shoulder, binding off 25 sts at the outer edges for the sleeve underarms, and ending at the lower edge of the back.

FINISHING: Sew side and sleeve seams. Fold back the 6 garter sts at each sleeve edge and attach it with a few sts at
the underarm seam and at the shoulder seam.

We've done our best to make these directions accurate. However, we cannot be responsible for typographical errors, human errors or variations in work by individual knitters.

  copyright 1985-2003 Crystal Palace Yarns - this  pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or guild use. It is not to be used in any "for sale" publication

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