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Baby Hat - Pixie hat to knit

To see this Pixie Hat knit in a worsted weight yarn,
Bunny Hop angora blend - click here

free knitting pattern for baby hat - pixie hat

One, 40 gr skein of Crystal Palace Baby Georgia, 100% mercerized cotton.
Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles size 3.

Cast on 98 sts. Work 4 rows of k2,p2 ribbing (Row1 to Row4)

Row5: k6, (p2,k2) to within 6 sts of end, k6.

Row6: p6, (k2,p2) to within 6 sts of end, p6.

Row7: same as row 5.

Row8: k8, (p2,k2) to within 8 sts of end, k8.

Row9: p8, (k2,p2) to within 8 sts of end, p8.

Row10: same as row 8.

Row11: k1O, (p2,k2) to within 10 sts of end, k1O.

Row12: p1O, (k2,p2) to within 10 sts of end, p1O.

Row13: same as row 11.

Row14: k12, (p2,k2) to within 12 sts of end, k12, and so on

Continue changing in this manner until there are no (k2,p2) sts left and you are totally working in bands of k and p. Knit across once. Bind off.

Fold this bound off edge in half against itself and sew to form pointed bonnet.

free knitting pattern for baby hat - pixie hatNOTE: To change sizes always make sure stitches are divisible by 4 + 2.

TIE BAND: Cast on 6 sts, k2, p1. k1, p1 ending with k1. Work this band for 26". Center this band along original cast-on edge and sew to bonnet. Put on baby's head and get out your camera!


Bonnet modeled by Mathew Taylor

Photo by Diana Chan Taylor




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