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Baby Hat - Pixie hat to knit
free knitting pattern for
Bunny Hop - angora blend


This is a newer version (in worsted weight yarn)
of our earlier version of this pixie hat in fingering
weight yarn.

(Thank you to the model, Marcelo, my new
grandson, here shown at 13 days old, April '06)


We have had questions about how this little hat
is structured and how it looks before sewing.
You can see photos HERE with the hat laid flat.


1 - 50 gr ball of Crystal Palace "Bunny Hop", Microfiber Acrylic, Microfiber Nylon & 8% Angora, a worsted weight yarn.
Color used here is 'mint green" print
Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles size 7.

You can make 2 hats from one ball.

Gauge: In k2,p2 rib: 14 sts/2 inches
(measure across unstretched ribbing)

Cast on 50 sts. Work 4 rows of k2,p2 ribbing (Row1 to Row4)

Row5: k6, (p2,k2) to within 6 sts of end, k6.

Row6: p6, (k2,p2) to within 6 sts of end, p6.

Row7: same as row 5.

Row8: k8, (p2,k2) to within 8 sts of end, k8.

Row9: p8, (k2,p2) to within 8 sts of end, p8.

Row10: same as row 8.

Row11: k1O, (p2,k2) to within 10 sts of end, k1O.

Row12: p1O, (k2,p2) to within 10 sts of end, p1O.

Row13: same as row 11.

Row14: k12, (p2,k2) to within 12 sts of end, k12, and so on

Continue changing in this manner until there are no (k2,p2) sts left and you are totally working in a set of a band of k and p. Knit across once. Bind off.

Fold this bound off edge in half against itself and sew to form pointed bonnet.

NOTE: To change sizes always make sure stitches are divisible by 4 + 2. See the smaller preemie size pixie cap knit using 46 st cast-on.

TIE BAND (if desired): Cast on 6 sts, k2, p1. k1, p1 ending with k1. Work this band for 26". Center this band along original cast-on edge and sew to bonnet. Put on baby's head and get out your camera!

Note: I chose to leave the tie band off the pixie hat I knit as I didn't want something tied around the neck of a wee baby.

Pattern Copyright 1995-2006 Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc. - We are happy to share this  pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission. Yarn shops carrying CP Yarns Bunny Hop are welcome to print and share this pattern with customers of our yarns.