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free knit baby hat pattern

Thanks to my grandson, Marcelo,
for modeling the hat
for us.

Panda Cotton Entrelac Baby Hat     Intermediate Skill
Designed & Knit by Nancy Wild - A Warm and Wild Design

1 - 50 gr ball Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in Main color (MC) shown here with #9575 "circus"
1 - 50 gr ball of Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in a contrasting color (CC) #0402 "ember glow"
1 set of size 4 Crystal Palace Star Bamboo Needles or size needed to get gauge
Tapestry Needle for weaving in ends

7 Sts per inch and 12 rows per inch

This pattern will work for an Adult size hat if you use Crystal Palace Taos double stranded and size 10 1/2 needles or Crystal Palace Iceland with size 10 1/2 needles. You will need 3 balls of MC and 1 ball of CC for Taos and 2 balls of MC Iceland and One ball of CC.

Cast on 80 sts with CC color Join being careful not to twist sts and placing a marker to indicate the beginning of the rounds.
Work 10 rounds of K 2, P 2 rib in CC work 4 round of rib in MC, then 10 rounds of CC.
Increase round: *K 1, K in front and back of next St* (increase made).
Repeat around (120 Sts)
Knit all sts for 3 1/2 inches (7 inches if using for Adult pattern) using MC.

Setup Triangles:
Working in CC yarn
Row 1: SL 1, K1, turn.
Row 2: SL 1, P 1, turn
Row 3; SL 1, K 2, turn
Row 4: SL 1, P2, turn
Row 5: SL 1, K3, turn
Row 6: SL 1, P 3, turn
Row 7: SL 1, K 4, turn
Row 8: SL 1, P4, turn
Row 9: SL 1, K5, turn
Row 10: SL 1, P 5 turn
Row 11: SL 1, K6, turn
Row 12: SL 1, P6, turn
Row 13: SL 1, K7, turn
Row 14: SL 1, P7, turn
Row 15: SL 1, K8, turn
Row 16: SL 1, P8, Turn
Row 17: SL 1, K9, turn
Row 18: SL 1, P9, turn
Row 19: SL 1, K10, turn
Row 20: SL 1, P10, turn
Row 21: SL 1, K11, turn
Row 22: SL 1, P11, turn
Row 23: SL 1, K12, turn
Row 24: SL 1, P12, turn
Row25: SL 1, K13, turn
Row 26: SL 1, P13, turn
Row 27: SL 1, K14. turn
Repeat these 27 rows until you have completed 8 triangles in total. [Note: on row 27, for triangle #8, do not turn.  You now face the the slipped st edge of triangle #1 and this is where you pick up 15 sts. ]

Star motif and closing top of hat:
First rectangle: (this one will NOT be repeated again)
Pickup 15 sts on the slipped stitch side of the triangle (this can be accomplished by picking up every slipped st on the edge)
Row 1: With MC K 14, K2tog (one form pickup and one from setup triangle) turn
Row 2: SL 1, P 14, turn
Repeat these two rows until you have worked all of the Sts from the first setup triangle.

Next 6 rectangles:
Next row: Pickup 15 Sts on the edge of the next triangle.
Row 1: K 14 K2tog (1 st from the next triangle. Turn
Row 2: SL 1, P13, P2tog, Turn.
Row 3: SL 1, K13, K2tog, turn.
Repeat rows 2&3 until you have worked all of the sts from the previous rectangle and the next triangle)

The last rectangle is worked the same as the 6 previous ones except after the last row you will Pick up the Slipped sts from the edge of the first triangle and do a three needle bind off. Leave a tail to run through the slipped sts at the top and pull closed. Bring yarn to inside of hat and weave in all ends.

Designed and Knit by Nancy Wild

Below are three views of the hat
Far left flat from top, center flat from bottom, right flat from the side

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