Thanks to my 1 yr old grand daughter,
Nadia, for modeling.


Crystal Palace Yarns 

free knit toddler sweater pattern

Mini Mochi Nadia
Lace Trim Pullover 
Intermediate to Experienced Level

Designed and Knit by Laura Andersson, CPY Sock Guru & Sirius Knitting Publications

Mini Mochi is 80% superwash Merino Wool & 20% nylon - very soft with slow color change progressions.

Inspiration: a lovely baby girl and a wonderful yarn. The shape is simple, the lace trim easy to learn and apply.

(3 - 4) 50 gm balls Mini Mochi (model shown uses #102 Flame Rainbow)
[Amt of yarn used depends on how seriously you want to match stripe patterns.]
Crystal Palace Bamboo 16" Circular in sizes US 7 & 8 or size required for gauge.
Large eyed tapestry needle or crochet hook

Gauge: 4.75 sts per inch (19 sts/10 cm) over St st.

Size: infant, ~ 12-18 mos, loose fit

CO- cast on; beg- beginning; BO- bind off; cont- continue; dpn- double pointed needles; K- Knit; K3tog - knit 3 sts together; P- Purl; PM- place marker; rep - repeat; St st - stockinette stitch; YO - yarn over; PSSO - pass slip st over; rnd(s) - round(s); st(s)- stitch(es); tog - together.

For this design, I wanted to have the flame tones as the lace trim for the main sweater body. Thus, the yarn was unwound to select so that the front and back trims would match. Remember to change colors on the side of each section, not the middle, even if it means "wasting" a little yarn.

[Note: The sleeves are knit as part of the Front and Back of this sweater. The lace is knit at the bottom hem beginning of the Front and the Back. For the Lace time on sleeves and neck, the Lace trim is knit separately and attached to the bottom of the sleeves and around the neck.]

Back: With the smaller needles, CO 73 sts, using a knitted CO. K 1 row. Turn, PM to indicate right side of work.
Lace Border: Begin pattern from chart, work 2 of the 6 row repeats with smaller needles; then change to larger needles and work one [1] more 6 row repeat.
Change to St st for rest of back: P1, K across; turn work, K1, P across. Cont this way in St st until the back is ~5" from CO edge.

Sleeves Cast On:
At the beg of the next two rows, CO & K 20 sts (using a knitted cast on). Cont in St st until sweater is ~8.5" from CO. Neck shaping: on right side of work, P1, K43, BO 20, K44. Attach a 2nd ball, work both neck sides simultaneously, while working decs as follows: on the reverse side of work (purl side), k2tog at each neck edge, every other row until 40 sts remain on each side. Work even until sweater is 9-9.5" from cast on edge. Place sts on holder.

Front: take time to wind off yarn from a new ball of Mini Mochi to get a color repeat that will closely match that of the back at least for the lace hem.
Work identically as for Back until neck decs. Now: on the reverse side of work (purl side) k3tog at each neck edge, every other row until 36 sts remain on each side.

Shoulder seams: Shoulder seam is joined using 3-needle BO method, from the inside. Place the right sides together and K, then BO, the shoulders. You will need to slightly adjust because of the difference in st count - simply join 2 sts of back and 1 of front in several places towards the shoulder (not neck) edge.

Side and Sleeve Seams: Again, place the right sides together, and use an invisible seam to sew the side and sleeve seams.

Sleeve lace: Using smaller needles, CO 55 st. K 1 row, turn, PM to show right side of work. Work one [1] repeat of 6 row lace pattern. P 1 row, turn and BO in P. The neat row of sts at the top of the lace make a nice edge for pinning to bottom of sleeve. With tapestry needle, pin and sew on lace trim (first sewing the lace seam into round so that it is joined). Rep for 2nd sleeve.

Neck lace: Neck lace trim is 2 repeats of lace pattern. CO 144 sts, K1 row, turn and mark as right side of work. After 2 repeats of lace pattern, P 1 row, turn, BO in P. Seam the lace into round, Place seam on one shoulder and pin lace to the sweater, easing to fit the neck opening.

Work in all ends. Try a crochet hook for this - no need to thread needle & is faster to do.


Lace Chart is HERE


Pattern Copyright 2009 Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc. - We are happy to share this  pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission. Knitting shops carrying CP Yarns Mini Mochi are welcome to print and share this pattern with customers of our yarns.

Laura is the editor (and author-designer) of Friendly Socks, Vol.1 & Vol. 2, Friendly Socks, Vol 2: A-Z and was recently released; a 3rd set Friendly Socks, Vol. 3, Fifty States, is in progress and planned for release soon. Information about these books can be found at or . Laura is the owner of Sirius Knitting Publications and can be reached at
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