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Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles

This collection of photos shows 16 of the 50 steps involved in manufacturing CPY Bamboo Needles. These needles are the best grade manufactured by a small firm in Japan who have been making fine bamboo products for more than 80 years. The needles are resin treated and cured to harden them and to prevent warping, splitting and damage from insects. There is no coating on CPY Needles to chip or peel off. Notice the amount of hand processing involved in manufacturing these needles. This personal attention to each needle guarantees a premium quality product.

Other unusual features of CPY Bamboo Needles:

= 5 needles/set in double points
= sizes 0 to 15 in SPs, both 9" & 12"
= special brass caps on circulars
= special sizes to fill the gaps in the US needle sizes: 10-3/4 and 1.5, 2.5 in DPs

Note: Circular needles now with a crimp to secure the metal cap to the bamboo and to provide a smooth join.

Prices and more information for the Needles can be found HERE.

Bamboo suitable for needles is cut in northern Japan between October and January.
Cut bamboo is dried in the sun.
Bamboo is cut into lengths suitable for needles.
Splitting is done by hand.
Bamboo is rounded from the square, split stock.
Rounded bamboo is further cured in the sun.
Rounded bamboo is steam cured in large autoclave to prevent warping later on.
Bamboo is sanded and polished.
The ends of the bamboo are shaped and sharpened to precision points.
Sharpened points are hand rounded and shaped.
Needles are polished a second time with handfeeding.
The gauge (diameter) of each batch of needles is checked.
The size of the needle and the name "Crystal Palace" is stamped on each needle.
The wooden end ball is gently tapped into place on each needle by hand.
The point of each needle is inspected by hand by piercing cotton fibers in a batting to guarantee the smoothness of each point.
Final inspection and packing of the needles is done by hand.