A Bee.Jones Entertainment Production

in Cooperation with Club 181, San Francisco

Fall '96 Event on the Bee.Jones Calendar :

SKILLS - DJ Competition and Showcase

Skills Poster - jpg 56K - Designed by Russ Bee
Link to Skills Poster - jpeg 56K

Bee.Jones has created a new event and competition to recognize the unsung heroes of the Club World - the hardworking DJ's.

Every Wednesday night during the month of October the SKILLS Competition is being held at the 181 Club at 181 Eddy St. at Taylor in San Francisco. Cover charge is $4.00. 21 & up.

Each night 4-5 DJ's will spin out the music and the audience will judge the best of each Wednesday. On the final night - the winners from the previous 4 nights will compete in the DJ SKILLS FINALS . Finals will be judged by Rasta Cue Tip, Patty Ryan or Mushroom Jazz, Rob Edwards or Beat Kitchen and then some!

DJ's competing will include: Jerry Ross, Pistol Pete, Thomas Roberts, Jay-J, R-POS, Laron Roman and many more!

Prizes will include cash prizes and sponsor-supported gifts from Bay Area Businesses.

Turn out for this one - the 181 Club's "back room" is the place - and there are 2 Pool Tables!

Future SKILLS Competitions and Showcases are in the planning stages - Bass Players, Female Rappers, Sax players, and then some!

Skills Poster - jpg 37K - by Russ Bee
Link to larger image Skills Poster - jpeg 37K

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