What is Urban Jam and its History?

Originated by Bee.Jones - Berkeley, California

Bee.Jones is a partnership of Russell Bloom and Loring Jones and was formerly known as Bay City Productions. Jones and Bloom produced their first URBAN JAM on October 2, 1993 at the "Clown Union Hall" (827 Hyde St., San Francisco). Artists appearing at this first-time event were: The Mo'fessionals (Jones is the Mo'fo drummer), Alphabet Soup, Charlie Hunter Trio, Daddy Goddus, Groove Shop, and Josh Jones' Human Flavor . Gerry V. was the DJ. A huge turnout and a show that didn't stop until the wee hours meant ....

URBAN JAM II was held on April 2, 1994 at 915 Columbus Ave. in San Franciso (the old Wolfgang's) - featuring The Mo'fessionals, Alphabet Soup, Broun Fellinis, Human Flavor, Daddy Goddus and Karen Anderson. DJ's were Kirk and Gerry V. Another big turnout and response lead to ....

URBAN JAM III, September 30, 1994 at 177 Townsend St, San Francisco. This time Bee.Jones (then known as Bay City Productions) was joined by co-sponsors SLIM's, Great American Music Hall and LIve 105. And (surprise?) more press coverage!

Will McCormick, staff writer for the Oakland Tribune put it this way;"
" ..Urban Jam, an amalgam of young, talented, local acid-jazz and funk-oriented bands with more than passing ties to Berkeley's Mo'fessionals ... the show will spotlight the cream of the Bay Area's ample crop of up-and-comers. ... The idea is to help promote the new guard in Bay Area club music, straight jazz, R&B and blues are giving way to this younger, hip-hop-influenced sound, and a large portion of the talent comes straight out of Berkeley..." (Sept 30, 1994).

The performers at URBAN JAM III were: The Mo'fessionals, Alphabet Soup, Josh Jones' Human Flavor, Daddy Goddus, Broun Fellinis, Anibade, Groove Shop and Los Angelitos. DJ's were Gerry V, Kirk and DJ Fuse.

Urban Jam IV is past tense now, but watch for more Urban Jams in the Future . .

Here's where & when it was ....


Friday - May 24, 1994 at Maritime Hall
450 Harrison St., San Francisco

Produced by Bee.Jones Entertainment and OM Records, in association with Family Dog Presents

The artists for URBAN JAM IV are: The Mo'fessionals, Jungle Biskit, Telefunken, Los Angelitos and New Dealers. Deep House and Dance Jazz on the ground floor from DJs: Mark Farina, Felix the Dog, Buck and Special Guests.

This is an ALL Ages Show, a full Press Release is here to read.

Looking forward to seeing you at:


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