Some Questions and Answers about Bee.Jones Entertainment

Some Bee.Jones Q & A

Q: What is Bee.Jones and how did the company begin?

Bee.Jones was founded in February 1996 by Russell Bloom and Loring Jones. The two met when Bloom was hired as road manager for Bay Area favorites, The Mo'fessionals, of which Jones is the drummer and a founding member. Frustrated by a lack of attention to the needs of musicians, Bloom and Jones conceived and produced, under their earlier name, Bay City Productions, Urban Jam, a 1993 showcase for local bands. See Who and What Is Bee.Jones for more background and photos coming soon.

Q: Who are the officers of Bee. Jones, and what are their backgrounds?

The company is owned by Russell Bloom and Loring Jones. Bloom is a Bay Area transplant from New York with a degree in English Lit from U.C. Berkeley. Loring Jones is a Berkeley-born, Berkeley High grad and an accomplished drummer and percussionist Berkeley who has played with famed jazzmen on both coasts as well as New Orleans. The head of the booking department, John "Wishbone" Wilson, a talented Bass player with the Mo'fessionals (and has played with many other Bay Area groups as guest musician) is originally from Oakland and has established himself as the most active and connected booking agent in the vicinity.

Q: What will I find on the Bee. Jones website in the future?

You will find background information about the company including concert reviews and previews, as well as updated calendars detailing upcoming concerts and events. Also, you'll find videos, photos and sound samples of Jungle Biskit, Los Angelitos and New dealers. We are hoping to start a Special section for musicians to give them advance information on what they will find backstage and during sound checks at Bay Area Clubs and beyond.

Q: What is Bee.Jones' Project for Bay Area Youth and Music?

Bee.Jones has created a non-profit arm of the company which will organize and produce programs for Bay Area children in which they can learn about and experience music and the business which surrounds it. Bloom and Jones hope to funnel the energy and frustration of inner city children into a positive and creative musical outlet. They believe that music is a universal language with the potential to encourage and foster a thirst for awareness and knowledge. Part of monies earned by the shows and events produced by Bee.Jones will be put into this program.

Q: What is the idea behind this project?

Children will learn, practice and create music while gaining an understanding of the business thereof. Lessons and seminars will be offered by many local musicians at the expense of Bee.Jones Entertainment. As a minority owned company at a time in which our government is constantly attempting to limit funding for the arts, Bee. Jones will attempt to provide opportunities for those young Americans who might not otherwise have access to the tools which make survival in this country possible and enjoyable. It is their hope that these programs will revive young people's faith in themselves, their futures and their potential as humans.

Q: How can I get my child involved in their afterschool music programs?

We are now in the organizing stages of the project. We plan to have flyers for these programs distributed in elementary and middle schools throughout the East Bay. Teachers and counselors will be encouraged to recommend these programs to students who might benefit, however these lessons and seminars will be available to all children. Local event listings will carry information about the times and locations of these programs. Email us if you want to be notified as the program gets underway.

Q: Who will offer these programs, lessons and seminars?

Local talented players will be asked to volunteer some time and as money is raised they will be paid for their assistance. Local musicians may include: drummer Josh Jones, saxophonists Kenny Brooks and Joshi Marshall, vocalists Zoe Ellis and Michael Marshall, and keyboardist Jeff Young. Music business seminars will be offered by Russell Bloom and SF-Oakland Bay area music professionals will be asked to participate.

Q: I'm an amateur musician and I have a friend who is a music lover who enjoys working with children. Is there anyway we can help out?

Bee.Jones hopes to have all kinds of volunteers for this program. Whatever your age or level of music skill (or lack of it) there will be something to do to help. Please see the bottom of this page with information on how to reach us to get involved. If you know people who might want to help and who don't have access to the Web, please print out this page and give them a copy. Is there a retired musician in your neighborhood who might want to work with bringing children into the world of music? Get them in touch with us.

Q: What makes this company different from other music-related organizations?

Bloom and Jones formed the company with the idea in mind that they would focus on the needs of individual musicians and bands. They hope to offer representation which differs in that all decisions are made with the musicians' best interests in mind. Due to our contacts and activities in the Bay Area music scene we are coming from the musicians' point of view.

Q: How can I contact Bee. Jones Entertainment?

We can reached in a number a of ways:

  • Call (510) 843-5772 for information about event promotion and children's programs.
  • Fax at (510) 843-4844.
  • Visit our Web Page at and leave an email during your visit.
    If you forget the Web Address you can search in most of the Search Engines on the Web and you'll find us listed.
  • Send correspondence or materials to 2112 Essex Street, Berkeley, California 94705.

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